When You Become Pregnant

Learning you are pregnant can be one of the most memorable times of your life. Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important decisions you can make for your baby. Upon finding that you are expecting, here are the steps you can take to make sure Palmetto Pediatric & Adolescent Clinic will care for your child after birth:

1. Before you have your baby, contact our practice office that is most convenient to you. Let us know your due date . We'd then love for you to schedule a "Get To Know Us" visit, tour our facility and meet some of our physicians.

2. After your baby is born, the hospital will notify us. Depending on the time of birth, your Palmetto Pediatrics pediatrician will be in the same or next day. Your pediatrician will give your baby a complete exam in the hospital nursery and will check on your child, and you, each day during your stay. Keep a list of your questions so we can discuss them when we make rounds.

3. 48-72 hours after discharge from the hospital, we will see you in our office. You may have a number of questions and we look forward to answering them. We'll also conduct another examination of your child and talk more with you about feeding and other newborn issues.

4. Lactation Center We encourage you to visit our lactation center website https://www.sclactation.com

5. Schedule of office visits for the first year will then follow a plan similar to this:

  • 1-2-week-old visit
  • 2-month-old visit
  • 4-month-old visit
  • 6-month-old visit
  • 9-month-old visit
  • One-year-old visit

Your child will receive immunizations at many of the visits as well as full check ups. Also, we discuss safety, feeding, your child's development and we provide guidance for the coming months.

Planning ahead, once you learn you are pregnant, helps us serve you. Make sure you contact us when you get the good news that you are pregnant!

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